Singing Coaching


Here at Absolute Opera, your Singing Coaching is provided by director and International Performer Roy Weissensteiner who has had and has to this day, an extensive International career in the professional performing industry. Roy is passionate about coaching singers and has a wealth of expert knowledge to share with his students. He firmly believes that coaching should be a rewarding and enjoyable journey for each student, free from stress and anxiety.

Who do we coach?

- Professional singers and dancer/singers
- Intermediate level students wishing to audition for vocational Performing Arts Schools
- Current vocational students wishing to supplement their existing training
- Advanced students wanting to coach for professional company auditions
- Adults who belong to a singing society or theatrical group or choir

Your singing coaching is a personal service and will be tailored around your specific goals and ability.
Where appropriate, it will be enhanced with mock audition practice with physicality, movement and audition technique and advice provided by professional dancer and director Emma Marie Weissensteiner.
Emma has had a long and successful career as a professional dancer and director working in all aspects of the professional theatre worldwide, including The West End and can give valuable insight in to the professional audition and performance process.

Absolute Opera provides Singing Coaching for Opera, Musical Theatre, Classical Crossover, Oratorio, Operetta and Lieder genres.

Here at Absolute Opera we are often asked:
"How do I find a good singing coach?"
"How do I know my teacher/coach is reputable?"

You may find the following questions helpful when choosing a singing coach:

Has this teacher/coach worked professionally in this industry?
If so, where, which companies and for how long?

What professional productions have they been cast in themselves?
What roles have they professionally performed and where?

Are they currently working as performers in the Industry?

Have they trained at a well known institute?
How many years of experience do they have in coaching singers at your level or above?

Have they ever been the recipient of any awards or scholarships connected with the industry?

If you are seeking coaching in opera - Is your teacher connected to a professional opera company or has your teacher/coach been employed as a professional opera singer in a professional opera company?
If so which ones?
Have you ever heard of them?

If you are seeking Musical Theatre coaching - has your teacher/coach been employed as a professional Musical Theatre singer in a professional Musical Theatre production?
If so, which ones? Have you ever heard of them?

It would be wise to apply the same questions to any genre of music that you are seeking coachings for.

At Absolute Opera all of the credentials of the people in our team can be found on the
"Our Team" page.

There are of course, always exceptions to the rules.

Not every good singing teacher has been a professional performer themselves and there are many famous singing teachers at top level institutions the world over who have dedicated their professional lives to teaching.

However, for students who have not yet begun vocational study or those wishing to supplement their studies, we provide Industry professionals who have the advantage of not only working in professional productions and the contacts that brings, but they have years of experience in attending open auditions, private auditions, audition recalls, final calls and casting workshops that is standard in the competitive performing arts industry and can pass that experience and knowledge on to you.

During your coachings at Absolute Opera, any areas of concern you have will be addressed. In addition, you will cover:

Vocal Technique
Performance Coaching
Specific Role Preparation
Audition Situation Technique and Preparation
Audition Recall Advice
Performance Anxiety
Foreign Language and Phonetics for singers
Physicality and Movement
Mock Audition experience
Up to date information and advice on the realities of being a working professional singer/performer

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